Ms. Audra Cosen

Ms. Cosen headshot (image)
Ms. Cosen

Social Studies

My name is Ms. Cosen. I am the social studies teacher at Theodore Roosevelt School for grades 6 through 8. I have been in education for 16 years in a formal capacity. I taught ELA for 14 years and have served Theodore Roosevelt School as a lead teacher, an interim principal, and an athletic coach.

I am of the Tt’ohk’aadogain (Row of White Cane People) clan and born for the Biszaha (site of Bear Spring People) clan. I am a member of the Dzit Likai Siann Ndee (White Mountain Apache People). I am a mother and a grandmother. I read four to eight books at a time, and have a great love for the beauty of listening and learning about my peoples’ stories, prayers, and songs.