Robotics Events!

In October our TRS Warriors will be participating in robotics events. The following is our October schedule for Robotics: Robotics VRC Scrimmage @ TRS robotic room in the Dorm building:  Saturday, October 8th 9am – 12:00 pm Robotics VEX IQ Tournament @ TRS Gym: Saturday, October 

Class Grades Teacher Teacher's Aid
ELA 6th/7th Miss Rie Ms. Alchesay
ELA 8th Mr. Blute Ms. Benally
Math 6th/7th Mr. Anderson Ms. Hasting
Math 7th/8th Ms. Lobaton Mr. Chavez
Science 6th – 8th Mr. Belen none
Social Studies 6th – 8th Ms. Cosen none
Culture 6th – 8th Ms. George none
STEM 6th – 8th Ms. Carillo Ms. Johnson
ESS Teacher/21st CCLC 6th – 8th Mr. Reidhead none
Recreation 6th – 8th Jon Upshaw/Brandon Dahkoshay Tanya